My good friend gave me a candle called 'Flower child with a rock 'n' roll heart' and I thought it summed me up perfectly. Peace, love and rock.


I love clever design. Design that makes you think and design that is simply beautiful and balanced. I also love people. Talking to people to discover exactly what they want in a design/logo/illustration is a passion. I am very choosy about who I bring into the Hammer and Tongs fold - so the designers and contractors I work with always fit with or add to this aesthetic. 


Working with people and environments to art direct photoshoots is also a love of mine. I have a few wonderful photographer contacts who I have long standing working  relationships with as well as dabbling in photography myself.  


I have worked in Auckland, Melbourne, the USA and London with some huge and some small agencies as well as being in-house designer for a couple of large companies and now, work for myself. In my experience, I am happiest and most successful when creating fresh, creative design that pushes the boundaries a little. Or streamlining all aspects of a brand to create a cohesive, beautiful customer experience.


So have a browse, if you like what you see, buy something. Or if you need a designer, art director or illustrator get in touch! Lets meet and chat over a green smoothie (or coffee). 

Ester x

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